Muzzled Milk 2009 LP

by Laurence Son




Laurence Son a few drops of muzzled milk (self released).dont you just find that some of the best and most interesting releases arrive without fanfare or celebration or indeed introduction. And so to a five track release from the mysterious Laurence Son. Entitled a few drops of muzzled milk it comprises five tracks. Arrived at gaff waiting to greet our return this very day housed in a reclaimed battered about the edges envelope with staples were once there had been adhesive and an address label barely hanging from the seams to such extent we here were surprised it got to us in the first place. And like its packaging the songs within are dispatched with minimal application, threadbare and rickety almost transparently feint in design, a lo-fi afterthought if you will. Pressed up on a CD-r and housed in hand crafted sleeves depicting childlike caricatures and a rather cute hand penned thank you note with little all else in terms of information other than a myspace address and a mobile contact number - we puzzled at this strange looking DIY artefact. However uncork the wayward treats within and let the air at them and rather than slap you around the chops and poke you in the eye, the melodies within - both frail and crooked - have an uncanny knack of drawing you in close with intimate invitation. Perhaps something for the archaic folk blues purists among you, the scratchy detail the limited production presence endow a primitive aura upon these five off kilter sorts both opening salvos to ease the fat and slack jaw blade have a sense of the Waits and Beefheart about their wares the latter appealing one suspects to those who purchased the recent dust sucker sessions set via Ozit while the former mentioned is shrouded with the same darkly set creakily sketched ramble as has become a trademark of the stateside bar room bard. All said we here are more than a tad smitten by the parting the bunny dip as it wheezes ominously through fogbound landscapes to sound like something much deserving of being filed alongside your prized Smog / Bill Callahan releases.


released October 30, 2009




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Laurence Son UK

Picked up a guitar, when no-one else would, to spill or spit the words, I'm still 2 find the root meaning for.

Spoken word & lo-fi blues combine here to make Seasick Steve sound hi-tech (Vibrations Mag)

We here at LosingToDay are more than a tad smitten by 'The Bunny Dip' Deserving of being filed alongside your prized Smog / Bill Callahan releases. (LosingToDay)
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Track Name: To Ease The Fat
To Ease The Fat Strain - tar ma last tooth out, Try not to pick at the loss skin caps, Its somut to do or somat like that Content threat of gagging, Stanped out like last night, Free wheeling, self stamping, To ease the fat, Its summat to do or sommat like that Yr fit n the clever, To pick n to copy out the best, Its summat to do or sommat like that Ma sister tryed to warne me Pritty brecks fantastic, Ma sister tryed to warne me That windows are fitted last, She tryed to warne me bout, the coins they spit out, Like its summat to do n its sommat like that And there eyes flix like strob lights, stubbed out like there final lap, Like its summat to do n its sommat like that
Track Name: Reckless Sperm
Reckless Sperm So long, so long n reckless sperm, Every thing a love is heavey dirty or dangras, Yr det to vice, picks at ma heart So long, so long n reckless sperm, Dipped n squared in love, All waste the lot, Coz im the one in me, this crush wont last So long, so long n reckless sperm, Bite down tight, Yr parading round are kind, Throt n mini cuts, this girl is keen So long, so long n reckless sperm, Fixed like scatterd friends, this milk is the hunt now It becomes are food, Am gonna save it till ya back
Track Name: Slack-Jaw Blade
Slack-Jaw Blade Picked drained, Picked drained n driyed, Plucked swollen to size, This wonderful 1/2 control, The platters full charred n coaled Scrap out an extra serving, Bite the insides too, Eat & then return wi ya plate, To this valley full Stocked up on the ashes with are own sweat, Putty up n chose a blade, Cut out even n leave the rest, Scrapes mix well wi vinegar, Ow lord deserves a taste Look this is not becoz of you, Were just not getting on, Were not gonna stay together, any more You know how kides love to see there parents together
Track Name: Pick It Up Baby
Pick It Up Baby Pick it up now baby, The nervas russling is down to them, Nothing vital ever dies, I trust you to be your self Pick it up now baby, Im gessing its all for sale, The breeding provides a way, For now two sides remain Pick it up now baby, This pain is where you learn, One day it will arive, With clenched hands, bring on change Pick it up now baby, To protect us all you learn, To admit to knowing them, Is to admit to using them
Track Name: Mouthwashed Stone
Mouthwash Stone Am gonn pick up a rock n beat ma self down Coz nothing is truth, am a worthless gutless, unattrctive lump of pus Am gonna pick up a rock n beat ma self down Coz am a useless gutless peace of pus, Coz am a gutless fuckless mouthwash
Track Name: The Guzzling
The Guzzling Birth marks un-opend, 4 the transparent black, whom the kings of are world, Have committed such things wi dicks On scarlet colourd brests, & preshas wi filthyness, Wi the blood of are wimen, On which the martyers sit Get out a here, get out a here From a wider talent pool, Theres no kingdom as yet, In such times as these, 5 are fallen n some are to gess Behind each glass, The sound of joy expands, It wont change yr past, But you cant stand to loss the chance Get out a here, get out a here Dark skinned crosses, Of self un control, A series of bloody raids take place, It dosent matter anyway am told It replys in short cut snaps, These kides are getting better, They'ed gash there hearts befor there face & they'd leave there house for that Get out a here, get out a here they continue on wi the drawning,sucking over numberd lakes, 4 the god of are world, spits in mesherd hits n waits they talk of narrow lains, one hand 4 another, picking witherd crops, leave workers 2 discover
Track Name: Dont Get Ma Back Up
Dont Get Ma Back Up Realing away in anger, n spinning to the door, three simple words defeat you, n seals you by yr throt My lips drip wi a bind you, A will spit saved by grace My head aceks by yr presents, untill a stood ma ground, yr formless body shacking, wi freedom a pulled ma blow Reword n redirected, to the feet of the mercy crown, to take what is given, tofollow out yr last command You should have stayed as an angle, but yr consumed by yr hate, coz all yr thorts are dust, yr heart beat is lost Its the shouts of a scrap merchent, its the screams of one to fall, the stars keep on falling, now the sun has it all