Wooden Pickle 2010 LP

by Laurence Son




Traditional Songs where the trunk doors are missing


released January 12, 2010




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Laurence Son UK

Picked up a guitar, when no-one else would, to spill or spit the words, I'm still 2 find the root meaning for.

Spoken word & lo-fi blues combine here to make Seasick Steve sound hi-tech (Vibrations Mag)

We here at LosingToDay are more than a tad smitten by 'The Bunny Dip' Deserving of being filed alongside your prized Smog / Bill Callahan releases. (LosingToDay)
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Track Name: Tentatively Iv Approached
Tentatively Av Approched

Tentevlly...sorry eyed...av come to see you...remaining in flashes...stained in this regret Its a log of an arm...a move yr way...yes tentevlly...tentevlly...am luck not worthy Cling wrapped...held a heart Each move we'v noted...egnoring & sore...wishing hurt can lag...be the beautys fire side Yes you should look at me like that...and yes...you should keep yr space Thats all..one sore person...one man...wishing hed not...a hate what av told you Its best to move as a pare..a say...its not funny how much mess...one man can make...thinking he is write
Track Name: The Bunny Dip
The Bunny Dip

The bunny dip, my loyalty friend Please knock slowly Im millitery, i work for my love My preshas thy, skins of slack Ya cant build on a man like that The words dont give any Justice But i think you mean it If its so unsettled A need to build a life Thats not around a fizzy plush or scales of justice But we are to exstend The hand of forgivness As long as we can And a think you mean it And the genias is the villan with out hope with out fear the here n now its a dame good place to be to have your wight as mine its not just meaningless its a keen skinned rib thats like every thing we care One cant blame him to the bell tower feeling the same to keep well but it is if you know will you stay to night an easy mark, keep in sight n checked as the wind dose mix up And this girl, this girl dont turn up im new here, as i have done mouthed the words the more difficalt ones im fond of you, i cant wait back to me, to go loose sheets of meat am better off alone, no
Track Name: One Skin Two Skins In Love
One Skin Two Skins In Love

Cant tell my parents, what went wrong, a just dont wont to...a cant The way you used to smile nervas at me, her/have turned to sly stepping wipe aways Oh what went wrong, a gess only you can say How you used to escape to grace my days, applying life to sweep away. My pink panda, was it factory faith The lazzy days & are messy plates we shared from Oh what went wrong, a can only hope that one day, youll feel the same agen To come over here, to spend yr heat in my space, to grab a hold & kiss in toungs But yr body keeps on moving, dont know what went wrong As iv learnt to do, move more when theres nothing, and to acssep someone elses way To fill up on ideas & walk it my way What went wrong, agess only you can say The way a used the confidense you gave, but am single so the eratic plays